Meet Tanker Ray

Meet Tanker Ray

No other bar in the world can claim to be home to TANKER RAY, BAR CAT EXTRAORDINAIRE.

This handsome and fearless feline is a multiple mouse ace extraordinaire having dispatched dozens of unwanted rodents to the hereafter in his illustrious career.

He has been awarded the Legion of mouse merit with catnip clusters. He has a fan club with chapters in Atlanta Georgia and Riverside California. He has appeared on numerous TV spots and commercials.

Tanker Ray is our most effective ambassador in the community and has been featured on the cover of the London Daily Mirror (circulation 2.4 million daily). Guests come from around the world to have an audience with Tanker. This larger than life cat is near the center of Gaspar’s success.

Tanker Ray is the sidekick to the owners alter ego CAPTAIN EHAB.